Meetings are typically held on the third Sunday of each month, at 1:00 PM. There are three consistent exceptions every year:

  • November, when the officers meet

  • December, when we have the holiday party

  • The spring competition is our meeting for whatever month it happens

The time and date occasionally vary, so read the newsletter or check the Evite for the right date, time, location, and theme. Our meetings are intended to be casual, informative, and fun. They are not, and never will be, pretentious or judgemental. We have a lot of members who know a ton about wine, but we have no snobs and only one jerk. Just kidding, no jerks either.

Some meetings are educational. Sometimes we have a fun activity, like a blending competition. Some are purely social. All are good fun and good fellowship.

Some meetings are large. We held our August 2019 meeting at Wild Arrow Ranch in Waring.

Some meetings are small. This one was held at a member's home.

Most meetings are potluck lunches. Here’s what to bring:

  • A bottle or two of wine. Sometimes we’ll have a theme, like Texas wines, or Italian wines, so you might want to bring something in that theme. You can bring commercial wine or homemade wine, white or red, even grape alternatives such as strawberry wine, etc. There’s no hard rule – just bring wine to share. Occasionally we have meetings at wineries, where TABC will not allow us to bring our own wines. In those cases, we purchase tastings and/or bottles from the winery.

  • A wine glass. Sometimes there are extras around, but bring your glass, just in case

  • A dish for the potluck. An entree, a side, dessert, or a snack will be fine. Cook it yourself, or grab something from HEB or a restaurant on your way. There’s no need to make a gourmet homemade dish…although no one will complain if you do.