At least once each year the Guild holds an amateur wine competition. All Guild members are eligible to enter one or more homemade wines. Judging is a rigorous and prescribed process to ensure fairness, consistency, and accuracy. The Guild occasionally has a wine judging training class as the theme of a monthly meeting, and any member can get trained and serve as a wine judge in the competition.

The competition generally serves as the monthly meeting for whatever month it’s held. So, as always, members bring a potluck dish, a wine glass, and a wine to share.

The only entry fee is your annual membership dues. Any homemade wine is eligible to be entered, providing it has not already been awarded a Gold or Silver medal in a previous SARWG competition.

Read the Competition Rules.


To have a successful competition, we need volunteers for the following roles:

  • Assistant Competition Chairperson

  • Competition Registrar

  • Competition Head Judge

  • Competition Head Stewart

  • Competition Head Auditor

  • Competition Snack/Tasting/Raffle Tables Coordinator

  • Judges

Volunteering is fun, and, apart from the Head Judge, anyone can do it. The Guild usually offers wine judging training a month or two before the competition, so those interested in judging can do it confidently. See the monthly newsletter or attend a meeting for information about the next competition.: LODESTAR BY AUTOMATTIC.